Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of the frequently asked questions that we have been asked, if the answer to your query is not contained here please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to answer your query as quickly as we can.

1. What is your minimum order size for distribution?

Our minimum order quantity is 200 units for any of the services, this includes our “store and send as and when required” service.

2. How quickly can you distribute our brochures?

Once we have your brochures and payment we can ship them very quickly, we can handle 10’s of thousands of units per day and always have spare capacity as part of our scheduling for last minute orders, for orders already placed and paid for when we get a request as long as its received prior to 3pm GMT it will go out that same day in the post, we will try to send out requests received after 3pm GMT same day but can’t guarantee those will always make it same day.

3. How does the “store and send as and when required” service actually work?

This is quite a common question and is really quite straight forward, we will store an agreed amount of brochures for you for a period of 12 months, these brochures are store or send, so after 12 months if there are any left you can arrange to have them picked up or we can renew the contract, once the agreed amount are sent the contract is completed. You can request the brochures to be sent out as and when required there is no minimum daily shipping, so it can be 1 every other day or whenever requested, this solution allows you to let us take care of the shipping of your promotional material when you need it.

4. Can you print our literature for us rather than us ship it from abroad to you?

We can arrange for printing to be done in the UK for you to save on you having to ship your material from abroad, we have some good local printers we work with who provide good quality printing at competitive pricing. Once printed we would send you a photo of the batch printed to show the work is completed.

5. What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are payment in advance of any distribution or printing by us of the products, each job will be quoted for and a quote sent through detailing the work, once accepted an invoice will be generated and will be valid for 30 days (invoices can be extended). Once payment has been sent the brochures will be accepted and the order distributed according to the quotation. Due to the large expense involved in the process our end and previous non payers we have had to implement this payment term which we have found works well for us and the client.

6. We are having trouble integrating our website with your API can you assist?

Yes we can provide you with a full integration package or just technical support to get you setup, our digital marketing team contains programmers familiar with most programming languages so if you need assistance we can help trouble shoot your issue and get you setup with the UK Marketing Hub API.

7. How do we check stock levels for the brochures you are storing?

Inside the “Client Login” area you will see all of your campaigns with the current stock levels held for your products/brochures, this is a real-time system showing the stock levels, you can also see the details on requests that were processed for you. If you have forgotten your login or need assistance please contact us.

8. We wish to do a mass mail out campaign, how much notice do you need?

When doing a single mass direct mail out we would know from your invoice that its in the work flow so would be bearing it in mind whenever scheduling our daily mail outs, once your invoice is paid we know for definite it is a live job so will schedule it in to meet your requirements. Orders of 10,000+ require more planning on our side but are possible to achieve in quick time frames.

9. Is there a discount for a regular mass mail out, e.g. for monthly newsletters?

If you are looking to do a regular set mail out or one that the quantity will fluctuate a little then we can work out a more cost effective pricing for you with a 12 monthly mail out contract, we like working regularly with the same clients as we can see their business growing as more and more get sent out its a win win situation for both companies.

10. We are a Tourism Board in America (or anywhere!) and wish to promote our region to UK residents can you help us?

Absolutely we can, in fact this was the exact scenario that triggered us to promote this service to worldwide companies, one of our founders filled out a form for a tourism area in North Carolina and requested a brochure, he then forgot about it and 17 days later it arrived in the post, this prompted him to say “we could store these and ship them same day” and hence the UK Marketing Hub was born!