About us

For over 15 years we have been designing and distributing marketing material for companies within the UK. In 2013 we started to diverse into working with companies worldwide helping them to promote themselves and their products within the UK.

From travel and tourism to electronics manufacturers we work across a wide spectrum of sectors, with budgets of all shapes and sizes from 10,000 direct mail shots to our “store and send as and when required” service for 200 brochures.

Unique service

Unlike a lot of distribution services we work to much smaller minimum orders, with a minimum order quantity of just 200 units, we have made ourselves affordable to companies worldwide from start-ups to big corporates.

One of our popular services for companies worldwide is our “store and send as and when required” where we will store your brochures and send them out as and when required, whether that’s in quantities or 1, 2, 10 whatever, we send them out when you need so you can have your promotional material stored in the UK and then distributed when a UK request is made, we shop same day if the order is received before 3pm GMT which will arrive next day to your requester. Compared to international post this keeps a lead hot and can turn around an enquiry very quickly.


To help speed up the brochure/marketing material requests process we have our own API which can be integrated into your brochure request system on your website allowing your requests to be placed directly into our system and we can process them even quicker. Integration is straightforward and if required we have an installation service we can provide you with to get you set-up, the API is particularly loved by small businesses who don’t have the time to deal with the requests that come in within a quick time frame, now with the API they are handled instantly by us.